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Belts examination programme

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Programme pour les examens de grade

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Integral Vovinam does not escape to the problem of the distorsion of the techniques taught.

If you are a teacher, then you know that when you show a movement to someone in Vovinam, it often happens that after few minutes the student, if you have let him alone for a while, changes the movement without even noticing it. And then you will have to go and correct it again.

So what about us? Are we doing the same without noticing it?

Well yes!

Especially in Quyens.

So, we will try our best to put the techniques in Videos, and if possible in free downloadable videos. But we also will provide you with professional DVS's too.

Vovinam is opened to new ideas
During the examniations of red belts, masters are invited to share their experience with other martial arts and insert these ideas in Vovinam.

If someone tells you the contrary... then he does not know perfectly Vovinam, or he lies to you!




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