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The 4 types of Fights

In Integral Vovinam, we have 4 types of Fights: Fights of Vovinam Vật, Kickboxing Fights, Ground Fights, Mixed standing and Ground Fights.
By this way, each Mon Sinh can find the modality of fight in which he or she will feel good, or which is the less dangerous.

1-Standing fights
Classical Vovinam fight, allowing the throwings, the lowkicks and the sweepings, but WITHOUT following the fight of the ground.

2-Vovinam Vat Fights
It is neither the traditional Vật, nor the Vietnam People's Vật. It's the vision of the Vật like the one of the Founder Master, which we can find in the Vovinam Song Luyen Vật: the fight continues after being on the ground or after a throwing, but without any strikes.

3-Ground Fights
We start on the knees and we can apply any of the ground techniques, submissions, arm and leg locks, etc.

4-Mixed standing and Ground fights

It's the "crème de la crème" of Vovinam, the pure form of Vovinam fighting, everything authorized except the dangerous techniques (see fighting regulations) such as the fingers in the eyes, striking the groin zone, the back of the neck, the joints, etc...

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