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Integral Vovinam is, MORE THAN EVERYTHING, the willing to improve our martial art technically. Unfortunately, the majority of Vovinam teachers have been involved in the process of transformation of Vovinam into a sport.

For years, we trained and passed Vovinam exams with a Sport programme which is not a realistic program.

First of all, the guard and the punches: Why on earth should we punch like Karate/Taekwondo, when we all know it is NOT the correct form to use?

Once in a fight, we all know we MUST be in guard, and we MUST use halfguard punches. So why not apply these basics from the first day of practice with the beginners?

Vovinam Flying scissors VS Phan Don
When people know Vovinam, it's almost only for its Flying scissors. That's a shame because most of the Flying scissors are impossible to apply in a real fight. It' a pure show! Then, we cannot pretend to be a Martial Art or a discipline to learn how to defend against an agressor. Any Self-defense expert knows it. But Vovinam is more than Flying scissors. In fact, Flying scissors are a tiny, a ridiculous small part of Vovinam technic arsenal. The Counter-attacks (Phan Don) are much more representative of Vovinam. So, in Integral Vovinam, we tend to give back the real image that Vovinam should have had. Let's consider Flying scissors for what they really are, a show, and let's work-out the real and effective techniques of Vovinam.

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