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Fighting strategies "Chien Luoc"

Integral Vovinam goes back to the roots. The Chien Luoc's!

If well worked, the Chien Luoc's are real weapons. Most of the times placed in a dusty box never opened in our mind, the Chien Luoc's are good friends.

In fact, Vovinam's Fighting Strategies are not simple "series of strikes". They are science. They were created to be adapted to the situation of the fight. Strikes are hit in different angles and in different levels, at a speed not allowing the opponent to block them all.

Well, not all of them.

Some Chien Luoc's are not Chien Luoc
The Chien Luoc's number 21 to 30 are not what we could call "chien Luoc".

For some of them, you must "wait" for the opponent to attack a specified technique! That's impossible. What happens if in the real life the opponent does NOT attack the technique you are waiting for? Then it is not a realistic work.

Chien Luoc must work whatever might be the opponent's attitude.

In Integral Vovinam we have made a choice on that point. The Chien Luoc's from 21 to 30 are not asked for exams, at least NOT IN THEIR STANDARD FORM, because some of them are not following the Vovinam's Chien Luoc principles.

Only Chien Luoc is not enough

The efficiency of our Fighting Strategies is based on an out-of-phase principle: the believing of a Super powerful srtike that will knock-out your opponent. But what if he is not K.O. ?

Then, he will stand up and be really pissed off!

That's why, in Integral Vovinam, we use the Chien Luoc's with a following action to the floor and a submission technique on the ground










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