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Vovinam Technical Competitions

Integral Vovinam has kept the base of the rules and regulations for the Technical Competitions that were created in the Intercontinental Association. However, we gathered and discussed about points that needed to be improved. Many things have changed, and this is the version of November 2015.

We are oppened to any comment and constructive critics that might make us improve this important document.

Integral Vovinam Technique Cmpetition
We will provide the document in PDF form.


This is an extract only:

Forms competition stage must be flat, free of any objects, with a size that can accommodate all competing forms [Quyền, Song Luyện and Đa Luyện] without having to stop.

The uniforms during all Technical competition will be Vovinam uniforms with long sleeves, name tag and Vovinam Việt Võ Đạo patch. Corner Referee’s uniforms will be in accordance to this referee’s regulations.

Vovinam techniques group, following the official program:
Empty handed “Đơn luyện” or “Quyền”; “Đơn luyện” or “Quyền” with weapons; “Song luyện” empty-hand and with weapons.

“Đơn luyện” (Quyền) and “Song luyện” must be those officially sanctioned by Vovinam discipline and approved by the Technical Board as clearly described in the technical provisions of its by-laws and from previous Integral VovinamTechnical Seminars.
Each chosen competing form must have at least 3 to 5 corner referees to judge. Each corner referee will attribute points, using decimal numbers, based on the standards explained in the Scoring Method part.


The Corner referees judging the technical competition must be composed of 3 or 5 persons (never 4). They must have completed a Corner referee’s training program.

37.1.1 Corner referees must have at least a grade superior to the competitors.


When an athlete makes a mistake while performing a Quyền, and quickly corrects his/her mistakes or quickly resumes his/her performance after short pauses, he will have his/her score reduced 0.5 points. If the pause (s) is (are) obvious, or if the athlete falls or performs in the wrong direction, then he/she will be disqualified at the signal command of the referee No. 1.
An athlete competing in Quyền with weapon who drops his/her weapon will be disqualified.
During a Song luyện with weapon performance, if the weapon falls down on the floor, the two athletes will be disqualified (except in Song luyện where it has to fall).
Weapons called “sharp weapons” must be made of metal materials (aluminum or steel) and must have a wooden handle (sword, scimitar, knives). For the halberds the handle can be in aluminum, steel or wood. The weapons must match to the standard specifications as explained in the Rules and Regulations standards.

The final score for each athlete will be the average of the sum of scores of all the Corner referees. However, from the 5 judges, the highest score and the lowest one will not be taken in account for the final note. Only the 3 other scores will be summed to obtain a final score.
In the case of having only 3 corner referees (lack of judges in some countries): If it appears that a judge gave a clearly unfair score and wrongly gave a mark that was too low (to punish someone) or a mark that was too high (to help someone) compared to the other 2 judges with similar scores between them, the unfair mark will not be considered, and replaced by an average one based on the 2 other judges' scores.
Prior to performing the exercise, the athlete’s rank and ID card must be validated by a referee.

At the end of each competing form: All Corner referees will turn in their score cards to the Chief of Referees and have to be ready to raise the score boards at the request of the Announcing Referee. The Announcing Referee will declare aloud the score of each referee.

Marks/scores can differ slightly from one judge to another one. However, the Corner Referees CANNOT consult each other or do signs in order to give a similar note.

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