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When Vovinam was founded, in 1938, competition did not exist. The aim of Vovinam was to form the Young to struggle against the French invader.

The first Vovinam competitions were not held in Vietnam but in Europe, in the years 1970's. At that time, the European and African Vovinam were wearing Black suits, in order to be different from Karate and Taekwondo. They did not wear the clear blue Vovinam suits, worrying that the Westerners would mock the resemblance with the Western pajamas, widely worn in that time.

When the first regional and national competitions were created in Vietnam, in 1992, the Europeans and the Africans had had competitions for 20 years.

Therefore, absolutely no competition regulations, whether from Vietnam or a Western country, was ever created by the Founding Master.

The European competitions had a rather complete and interesting competition regulation, despite not allowing the following of the fight on the ground.

The competitions in Vietnam were even more limited, and would be transformed, through the pass of the years, in a mix of Karate and Taekwondo regulations, limiting seriously the possibilities of techniques, and by this way, preventing true Vovinam fights.

Lately, the number of athletes participating in International "sportive" Vovinam Competitions, and that are not practicing Vovinam, has significantly increased. These are athletes of other discipline, sometimes professionals, and signing-up in Vovinam Competitions without knowing anything in Vovinam. They enjoy the competition, the medals, and steal this opportunity to the true Vovinam Mon Sinh's.

In Integral Vovinam, we have 4 types of Fights: Fights of Vovinam Vật, Kickboxing Fights, Ground Fights, Mixed Kickboxing and Ground Fights.
By this way, each Mon Sinh can find the modality of fight in which he or she will feel good, or which is the less dangerous.

1- Kickboxing Fights
Classical Vovinam fight, allowing the throwings, the lowkicks and the sweepings, but WITHOUT following the fight of the ground.

2- Fights of Vovinam Vật
It is neither the traditional Vật, nor the Vietnam People's Vật. It's the vision of the Vật like the one of the Founder Master, which we can find in the Vovinam Song Luyen Vật: the fight continues after being on the ground or after a throwing, but without any strikes.

3- Ground Fights
We start on the knees and we can apply any of the ground techniques, submissions, arm and leg locks, etc.

4- Mixed Kickboxing and Ground Fights
It's the "crème de la crème" of Vovinam, the pure form of Vovinam fighting, everything authorized except the dangerous techniques (see fighting regulations) such as the fingers in the eyes, striking the groin zone, the back of the neck, the joints, etc...

Let's admit it: There are too many technical competition categories in Vietnam and in the countries following the programme of Vietnam
There are too many categories. In total, between Fights and Techniques, there are more than 40 categorys, 40 persons that will be labelled "World Champion" the same year... Many champions.... many medals.... many business...

Techniques Competitions
What do we notice at the first site?
According to the Vietnamese system, we will have numerous Champions in Quyen (Kata) but only for one specific Quyen. Therefore, there will be tens of champions in Techniques for a very same championship the same year... Instead of selecting a real champion, which means the one who's able to realize several Quyen's with the best dexterity of all. It is completely illogical to have, for exemple, a Karate Champion in Kata number 1, and another champion for the kara number 2, then another one for the Kata number 3, and so on... Either the Champion is an All Katas Champion, or his title is absurd.
We prefer to have one champion of "Quyen with Bare hands" (he will perform several quyen in the various elimination phases of the competition), and one champion of "Quyen with weapons) with the same system of selection.

Furthermore, another factor is jeopardizing the realism of the Champion titles in martial arts: the result of the althetes performances is depending too much on the opinion of the judges and NOT on the real quality of the athletes. We saw too many abuses and deceptions.

So, to resume in a few words, we no not have to split the technical competition in men and women! There is no strength problem. There is not problem of violence and danger. We can apply of REAL equity between men and women. Quyen with weapon: mixed ; Quyen without weapon: mixed.

And, to have a REAL Quyen champion, cantidates must perform 3 Quyen, (all different) and the best will be the one to get the best averagw score for all quyens. So, one champion for Quyen with weapon (mixed male and female) and one champion for Quyen without weapon (mixed male and female).



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