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Vovinam never was a rigid style. NEVER.

By rigid, we do not mean the opposite of flexible. No.

By rigid we mean that Vovinam has never been limited to techniques that cannot be modified or improved.

On the contrary, Vovinam is one of the very few martial arts on earth that MUST be improved. And who should do it? Well the red belts during their Red Belt examination essais.


However, what did we have since the death of Grand Master Nguyen Loc?

Quyen... Kata in Japanese.... Lots of katas have been added. Too many "quyen". One for each belt! Plus the one with weapons, and the Dual Forms (Song Luyen) and the Dual Forms with weapons....

As a result, we spend more time to REMEMBER things, learned by heart, than to practise real martial arts techniques.


Let's continue Master Nguyen Loc's project. Stop doing all these Quyen!!

We are not Karate.

We are not Taekwondo.

Even Karate and Taekwondo have less Katas and Pumsees than Vovinam !


Let's only keep the most usefull Quyen in Vovinam, and drop all the others.

By this way, we will have more time to practice and improve the martial side of Vovinam nd his effectiveness.

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