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Master Ngueyn LocSometime complicated, sometimes sad, the History of Vovinam is not easy to describe without hurting one or other side. A horrible war has struck Vietnam for almost 35 years. Politics has been involved. Money has been involved too these recent years.

So, writing the history of Vovinam is delicate. We try to do it in this website in few words, but without forgetting sad facts, on the contrary of the "history of Vovinam" that we can find in Vietnam.

Whoever might have done mistakes and bad actions against Vovinam leaders, we are not the one to hide those mistakes. The authors of these facts must be the ones to explain, not us.

Let's concentrate on Vovinam...whatever might be your side!

Vovinam must evolve !
Anything on earth must evolve or die. It's a law that no one can change. But each one of us can choose which way the evolution of Vovinam can be done: toward a sport; toward a spectacular martial art; toward a innner energy style.... or toward an effective martial art with possibility of competitions. That's what we chose.

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Vat Wresling

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Rules for integral fights 2018- 2019
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Kiem Combat Reglement

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Knife threatening in Brasil tutorial 1

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