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Vovinam Song Luyen

Integral Vovinam is not saying that Song Luyen's are bad. We are only making precisions about "what are Song Luyen" for, They are kind of ways de perform small demonstrations of a variety of Fight sequences of a same technical level. These sequences are ONLY to remind the level and the different techniques of this level.

But they still are Memorisation Items. They DO NOT bring you tools to be better in fight of better in self-defense. You will NEVER improve as a fighter with Song Luyen. You will only improve the quality of the starting movement of each technique.

Why only the starting movement?

Because in all Song Luyen's, there is a fictive counter attack for each technique, not allowing to perform such technique entirely. In other words, with the Song Luyen's, you do not practice the real side of each attack, and you no not parctice the real side of the correct counter attacks.

Vovinam Song Luyen's in Competition?
In Integral Vovinam, Song Luyen's are not considered part of the Technical competition. But some countries in the Integral Vovinam World Federation keep using the Song Luyen's in Technical Competitions. Each country has the right to keep them inside the competition. There is a real spirit of freedom in Integral Vovinam.

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