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Rules for integral fights 2018- 2019
English version
reglement combat

Règlement de combat 2018 - 2019

French version


The first Vovinam rules and regulations for competition fights were not created in Vietnam, but in Europe in the 70's. In fact, the first official competitions ever held in Vovinam were done in Europe thanks to the work of many masters and instructors living in European countries, almost 20 years before Vietnam.

In that time, the Vovnam Masters and Instructors in Europe had to create rules with nothing to base on, but what was already done in Europe in other M.A..

Unfortunately, these rules are not really allowing the fighters to developp their skills as they would like. However, they are much more "Vovinam" than the ones adopted by the WVVF in VIetnam in the years 2007.

In Vietnam, the first official National Vovinam Competition was held in 1992. The rules and regulations were created by people in Vietnam without any experience in competition as fighters ! They were Burocrats, and sometimes politicians... And, as a result of this lack of experience, they would reach the peak of unlogical Vovinam rules, in 2007, with the launching of the WVVF rules and regulations for fights: throwing not allowed, grabbing kicking legs from below forbidden, knee strikes forbidden, lowkicks forbidden, clinch forbidden, vat forbidden, and so on....Well, in a few words: Vovinam fighters not allowed to do Vovinam!

Vovinam rules for Vovinam fighters
In Integral Vovinam, we try do allow each fighter to participate in combats as he feels best suited for him or her (Stand-up Regular fights, Integral Fights, Vat fights, and Pure-ground fights). We do not say that these rules are the best ones. Of course, they might have errors or mistakes, but at least we can try and correct them on the go, sharing opinions with every master and teacher, giving contructive criticism.

The Integral Vovinam Competition rules and regulations are available in PDF format. First in English, and then, in the future, we will upload them in Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Arabic, Romanian, Portuguese and Chinese. Please let's give time to our representatives to translate the various versions




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integral vovinam rules

Rules for integral fights 2018- 2019
English version


reglement Combat

Règlement de combat 2018 - 2019
French version

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Kiem Combat Reglement

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