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Master Nguyen Loc was a Vietnamese Wrestling (Vat) fighter. At the beginning, in the 30's, Master Nguyen Loc did not know how to punch or kick because in Vat there are no punches, no kicks, no submission techniques. So master Nguyen Loc went to search masters and instructors in order to learn such techniques. He then created Vovinam. But the wrestling IS and must BE a base in Vovinam.

Vovinam keeps the wrestling techniques
Wrestling is a noble art. As no punches nor kicks are allowed, then every Vat fighter ends the fight without bleeding, without serious injury. So, winning or losing, in Vat, maintains a certain form of physical integrity, that's why it's a noble art.


News and events

chien luoc4
Chien Luoc Integral Vovinam in Reunion Island

integral vovinam rules

Rules for integral fights 2018- 2019
English version


reglement Combat

R├Ęglement de combat 2018 - 2019
French version

kiem combat
Kiem Combat Reglement

Wrestling rules

reglement vat
Vovinam Vat Rules

Seminar in Corsica 2018

1 World Cup 2018

seminar siberi
Seminar Integral Vovinam Siberia March 2018

seminar iran
Seminar Integral Vovinam
14-16 March 2018


Knife threatening in Brasil tutorial 1

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DVD8 "Long staff Vol.2"


Budo Magasin
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