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Vovinam is Ground fighting

Master Nguyen Loc was a Wrestling fighter. Vietnamese Vat Wrestling is a FONDAMENTAL part of Vovinam. Not the flying scissors!! Therefore, in our search to get back to master Loc's project, we keep Vat as a base in Vovinam.

But, Master Nguyen Loc did not expect to keep Vat as it was in Vietnam. Master Loc wanted a Vat with punches, kicks, knee stikes, submissions and arm-loks, leg-locks and ankle-loks. That is what we have in the Song Luyen Vat 2.

So, the addition of groundfighting goes perfectly in the line of work of Master Nguyen LOC'S idea of Vovinam.

Let's separate Vat and Ground fighting
We have 2 ways of competitons for using Vat and Grapling techniques.

A-The Vat competitions, the two opponents are starting standing up. They apply any technique to bring the adversary on the foor, including throwing, sweeping, etc.

B-The Ground fighting, both contenders are starting in a position on the floor, knee down. This avoids accidents for the elders, and allows everybody to participate, whatever the age.

News and events

chien luoc4
Chien Luoc Integral Vovinam in Reunion Island

integral vovinam rules

Rules for integral fights 2018- 2019
English version


reglement Combat

R├Ęglement de combat 2018 - 2019
French version

kiem combat
Kiem Combat Reglement

Wrestling rules

reglement vat
Vovinam Vat Rules

Seminar in Corsica 2018

1 World Cup 2018

seminar siberi
Seminar Integral Vovinam Siberia March 2018

seminar iran
Seminar Integral Vovinam
14-16 March 2018


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