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Iran - Mars 2018

For the 1st time in the Islamic Republic of Iran was held an Integral Vovinam Seminar. From March 14th to March 17th 2018, in 3 cities near Tehran, Master Patrick Levet directed a National Seminar of Integral Vovinam.
The courses were divided into 2 groups, Male and Female, except for the Referee Seminar group, which was mixed.
The overall seminar was well prepared; Mister Afshar Shahbazi did a very good job.
Although there were much work to do technically speaking.
In fact, because of the bad work of the Vietnamese World Vovinam Viet Vo Dao Federation during the past years, only worried about « having countries to form an Asian federation », almost none of the former Vovinam Viet Vo Dao instructors barely knew anything about Vovinam Viet Vo Dao technical programme at all.
Horrible fact: after only a few years of practice, there are about 30 « Red Belts » in the country; fake Red Belts that do not have even the Blue Belt level in Vovinam Viet Vo Dao.
So, at the time to study and assimilate the Integral Vovinam techniques, everything had to be done from the beginning. Almost no one had real basics in Vovinam.
Regarding the fighting abilities of the Iranian athletes, a very good potential has been found there.
Iranian men, women and boys and girls are warriors. They can reach good level in Integral Vovinam in the future.
The courses of this seminar were focused on the preparation for the next World Cup 2018 in Morocco.
We appreciate the good spirit of all the instructors and athletes and their nice way to welcome Master Patrick Levet in their country during these 4 days of hard workout. Many thanks also for the translators who helped during the training sessions. Iranian people is great and we are proud to have them in our organisation.

























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